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Saturday, March 23, 2013

The view from inside my head....

Pit Bulls have such a stereotype of being vicious and mean, I hear this every day, but do not understand it. This is the side that I see, I see my sweet babies cuddling with their Aunt Penny, because she didn't feel good. I see DOGS that just want attention so bad that they will cry just to get my attention. I see dogs that when we are playing ball, or with rope toys, or with any other toy that are SO careful about getting my fingers in their mouth. In fact if I put my hands in any of their mouth, they will try to spit it out with their tounge and act like it was the most horrible thing ever. The biggest worry I have with mine, is that they will knock me down when they are running around playing, and I accidentally get in the way.

I know it is because the media has vilified these dogs as being beasts with horns, 2 heads, no soul, and as killing machines. YES they have been used as fighting dogs by sadistic, mean people, and during that time the human aggression was bred out of them.... feel free to visit Diane Jessup's website HERE, you can find history on temperament AND modern temperament testing information.

It just frustrates me SO much that people can be so ignorant, and can not see past the tips of their noses. I'm tired of walking down the street with my sweet, sweet Bam Bam, that would literally not hurt a fly, and people move to the other side because they "see" a vicious dog. If only people would open their eyes that he is wiggling his back end so hard because he sees people, and then he cries just a little when he isn't allowed to see them.

What can you do to prevent breed prejudice? We as Bully Breed owners have to be more responsible than any other breed. We must train our dogs, and make sure that when we go out in public, that our dogs are safe.... meaning that we can not give the public ANY reason to vilify our dog. We ALL know that if another dog starts a fight, and our dog simply defends themselves, then it is our dogs fault no matter what.

The media completely infuriates me, with their quest to a sensational story! When I hear of a "Pit Bull Attack", I want to see a picture of the dog, I want to know the back story, AND I want to know how the dog was treated. Is this a dog that lived their life on a chain and never had ANY attention? You do not hear of spayed/neutered family pets that are well behaved and owned by RESPONSIBLE owners having issues out of the blue. Dogs show signs, and unfortunately when the dog shows a sign, we as responsible owners must deal with it, including euthanizing a dog if human aggression is present in any way....

And of course, you have a look at dogs such as Lennox, you can read about it here on the Facebook page dedicated to Lennox. Lennox was a dog that was taken from a loving family and put in jail for more than 3 years, then killed just because of what he looked like, EVEN with public outcry all across the world. The family was not even given his collar, or allowed to visit him the entire time. This family owned Lennox from the time he was a puppy, he was a threat to no person or animal. Yet, because of his looks, he was murdered. This kind of thing happens because of media hype, we never hear of other breed dog attacks, OR they are labeled as "Pit Bulls" no matter what they look like.  Then there is the heartbreaking story of a puppy named Fudge that was killed before she was even old enough to cause a problem, she was killed based solely on what she looks like and what she "might do" as an adult. Seriously? What kind of logic is that? The light bulb in the bathroom might burn out, but you wait until it no longer works before you get rid of it, right? It is only common sense!

Ok, enough of my rant for the day, I really just want to make a difference. I try to educate, save lives, and walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Do you have anything to say about BSL or breed temperament? Feel free to comment in the comment section.

Thanks for reading, and , "Have a Bully Day"! ~Jennifer

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